Superior 8DM 48" Section Double Wall Pipe Snap Lock - 48-8DM

  • Superior 8DM 48" Section Double Wall Pipe Snap Lock - 48-8DM Outdoor Wood Burning Fireplaces

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Superior 8DM 48" Section Double Wall Pipe Snap Lock - 48-8DM

Innovative Hearth ProductsSuperior® Brand Wood-Burning Fireplace20 Year Limited Warranty


Innovative Hearth Products ("IHP") 20 Year Limited Warranty warrants your Superior® Brand wood burning fi replace ("Product") to be free from defects in materials and workmanship at the time of manufacture. The Product body, firebox and ceramic glass carry the 20 Year Limited Warranty. Ceramic glass carries the 20 Year Limited Warranty against thermal breakage only. After installation, if covered components manufactured by IHP are found to be defective in materials or workmanship during the 20 Year Limited Warranty period and while the Product remains at the site of the original installation, IHP will, at its option, repair or replace the covered components. If repair or replacement is not commercially practical, IHP will, at its option, refund the purchase price or wholesale price of the IHP product, whichever is applicable. IHP will also pay IHP prevailing labor rates, as determined in its sole discretion, incurred in repairing or replacing such components for up to fi ve years. THERE ARE EXCLUSIONS AND LIMITATIONS to this 20 Year Limited Warranty as described herein.


Warranty coverage begins on the date of purchase. In the case of new home construction, warranty coverage begins on the date of first occupancy of the dwelling or six months after the sale of the Product by an independent IHP dealer/distributor, whichever occurs earlier. The warranty shall commence no later than 24 months following the date of product shipment from IHP, regardless of the installation or occupancy date.EXCLUSIONS AND LIMITATIONSThis 20 Year Limited Warranty applies only if the Product is installed in the United States or Canada and only if operated and maintained in accordance with the printed instructions accompanying the Product and in compliance with all applicable installation and building codes and good trade practices.

This warranty is non-transferable and extends to the original owner only. The Product must be purchased through a listed supplier of IHP and proof of purchase must be provided. The Product body and firebox carry the 20 Year Limited Warranty from the date of installation. Vent components, trim components, paint and applied stains are excluded from this 20 Year Limited Warranty. The following do not carry a 20 Year Limited Warranty but are warranted as follows:

Air tubes, baffles and brick retainers – Repair or replacement for one year from the date of installation
Cast iron parts – Replacement for one year from date of installation
Catalyst – Carries a separate warranty. Refer to the warranty certificate provided for that part
Electrical components – Repair or replacement for one year from the date of installation
Fireplace screens, refractory and side shields (metal or refractory) – Repair or replacement for two years from date of installation. Excludes hairline cracks.
Fuel grates –These parts are considered consumable accessories and therefore are not warranted, with the exception of defects in material or workmanship which are covered for 90 days from the date of installation
Gaskets – Replacement for one year from date of installation
Gold & nickel plating – Replacement for two years from date of installation. Excludes tarnishing
Optional glass doors – Repair or replacement for 90 days from the date of installationRefractory & screens – Replacement for two years from date of installation. Excludes hairline cracks
Removable air tubes – Repair or replacement for seven years from date of installation. IHP prevailing labor rates for years one through five.
Labor coverage – Prevailing IHP labor rates apply for the warranty period of the component.

Parts not otherwise listed carry a 90 day warranty from the date of installation.

Whenever practicable, IHP will provide replacement parts, if available, for a period of 10 years from the last date of manufacture of the Product.

IHP will not be responsible for: (a) damages caused by normal wear and tear, accident, riot, fire, flood or acts of God; (b) damages caused by abuse, negligence, misuse, or unauthorized alteration or repair of the Product affecting its stability or performance. (The Product must be subject to normal use with approved fuels listed in the Operation Manual provided with the product. This includes burning such fi replace fuels as wood and natural or propane gas. Fuel products with abnormal burning characteristics, including but not limited to fuel such as driftwood, coal or plywood and wood products using a binder may burn at excessive temperatures and may cause damage to the Product or may cause it to function improperly.); (c) damages caused by failing to provide proper maintenance and service in accordance with the instructions provided with the Product; (d) damages, repairs or inefficiency resulting from faulty installation or application of the Product.

Coverage of this 20 Year Limited Warranty is conditional upon use of an adequate fuel grate on factory-built fi replaces only, when applicable.IHP is not responsible for inadequate fi replace system draft caused by air conditioning and heating systems, mechanical ventilation systems, or general construction conditions which may generate negative air pressure in the room in which the appliance is installed. Additionally IHP assumes no responsibility for smoking conditions caused by inadequate chimney height, adjoining trees or buildings, adverse wind conditions or unusual environmental factors and conditions. Certain IHP Products are listed for use with Security Chimneys International, Ltd. or IHP chimney systems only. Use of chimney components other than that specified in the Product manual will void the Product warranty.

This 20 Year Limited Warranty covers only parts and labor as provided herein. In no case shall IHP be responsible for materials, components or construction which are not manufactured or supplied by IHP or for the labor necessary to install, repair or remove such materials, components or construction. Additional utility bills incurred due to any malfunction or defect in equipment are not covered by this 20 Year Limited Warranty. All replacement or repair components will be shipped F.O.B. from the nearest stocking IHP factory.


It is expressly agreed and understood that IHP’s sole obligation and the purchaser’s exclusive remedy under this warranty, under any other warranty, expressed or implied, or in contract, tort or otherwise, shall be limited to replacement, repair, or refund, as specified herein.In no event shall IHP be liable for any incidental or consequential damages caused by defects in the Product, whether such damage occurs or is discovered before or after replacement or repair, and whether such damage is caused by IHP’s negligence. IHP has not made and does not make any representation or warranty of fitness for a particular use or purpose, and there is no implied condition of fitness for a particular use or purpose.IHP makes no expressed warranties except as stated in this 20 Year Limited Warranty. The duration of any implied warranty is limited to the duration of this expressed warranty.No one is authorized to change this 20 Year Limited Warranty or to create for IHP any other obligation or liability in connection with the Product. Some states and provinces do not allow the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages, so the above limitations or exclusions may not apply to you. The provisions of this 20 Year Limited Warranty are in addition to and not a modification of or subtraction from any statutory warranties and other rights and remedies provided by law.


IHP reserves the right to investigate any and all claims against this 20 Year Limited Warranty and to decide, in its sole discretion, upon the method of settlement.To receive the benefits and advantages described in this 20 Year Limited Warranty, the appliance must be installed and repaired by a licensed contractor approved by IHP.Contact IHP at the address provided herein to obtain a listing of approved dealers/distributors. IHP shall in no event be responsible for any warranty work done by a contractor that is not approved without first obtaining IHP's prior written consent.


In order for any claim under this warranty to be valid, you must contact the IHP dealer/distributor from which you purchased the product. If you cannot locate the dealer/distributor, then you must notify IHP in writing. IHP must be notified of the claimed defect in writing within 90 days of the date of failure. Notices should be directed to the IHP Warranty Department at 1508 Elm Hill Pike, Suite 108; Nashville, TN 37210 or visit our website at WWW.SUPERIORFIREPLACES.US.COM.

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