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AOG Grills Stainless Steel Griddle - GR18 Purpose Built Stainless Steel Griddle for the AOG range of outdoor freestanding / built-in grills. ..


Holland Grills Black Apron ..


Holland Grills Carolina Seasoning - 13 Oz Jar ..


Holland Grills Cleaning Kit ..


Holland Grills Companion Grill Bag ..


Holland Grills Dual Grill Scraper New! ..


Holland Grills Flav-O-Buds Apple 1 Lb Bag ..


Holland Grills Flav-O-Buds Hickory 12-1 Lb Bags ..


Holland Grills Flav-O-Buds Mesquite 12-1 Lb Bags ..


Holland Grills Jack Daniels Smoke Pellets 12-1 Lb Bags ..


Holland Grills Led Grill Light ..


Holland Grills Oven Mitt ..


Holland Grills Patio Heater - Hammered Finish-Lp Only ..


Holland Grills Pizza Stone ..


Holland Grills Quick-Read Digital Thermometer ..


Holland Grills Steaks Alive!  13 Oz Jar ..


Primo "Bourbon Whiskey Twist" Steak Seasoning, Packaged in 11 oz Bottle PRM511 Bourbon Whiskey Twist | Steak Also Great on Beef, Pork, Poultry and Vegetables. Inspired by American bourbon whiskey. This buttery bourbon steak dust is teeming with a smokey barrel mash flavor. We infused notes of swee..


Primo "Chicago Stockyard" Beef Seasoning, Packaged in 11 oz Bottle PRM506 Chicago Stockyard | Beef Also Great on Steak, Pork, Poultry and Vegetables. Perfect for any cut of beef and exceptional on burgers as a rub or as a dust after grilling for use as a seasoning. A handcrafted blend of smoky pap..


"Kleftiko Barrel Wine" Lamb Seasoning, Packaged in 11 oz Bottle PRM507 Kleftiko Barrel Wine | Lamb Also Great on Pork, Poultry and Vegetables. Inspired by an ancient Greek method of preparing lamb. “Kleftiko” means “thieves” in Greek, because peasants survived by stealing a lamb from nearby farmer..


Primo "Tupelo Honey Crunch" Pork Seasoning, Packaged in 11 oz Bottle PRM509 Tupelo Honey Crunch | Pork Also Great on Poultry, Seafood and Vegetables. Intended to bring a signature flavor to the barbecue community. Natural air-dried honey crystals are used as the base with a balanced blend of Ancho..


Primo 100% Natural Lump Charcoal PRM608 Made from American hardwoods for true wood-fired charcoal flavor. Burns hotter, longer, and cleaner than other brands of lump charcoal and briquette charcoal. Our 100% Natural lump Charcoal also produces less ash than briquette charcoal. Available in 20 lb. b..


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