Holland Freestanding Grills

Holland Grills Apex - BH421SS5-P The Holland Grills Apex constructed from stainless steel body & a powder coated cabinet is one of the only gas grills guaranteed not to flare up. The exclusive patented Holland Grills System not only enhances flavour, but is designed to prevent flare ups guara..

Holland Grills Companion - BH212MG2-P The Holland Gas Grill Companion Grill is the perfect small portable grill for 3 - 4 people when you’re on the move attending outdoor events such as Tailgating, Family Picnics, Camping or where space is limited. This small easy to use Holland Grill is construc..

Holland Grills Epic - BH421AG4-P The Holland Epic grill has a functional new look, but STILL the same great no-flareup cooking! ..

Holland Grills Freedom - BH421AG11-P The Holland Grill Freedom is the Holland Grills value priced feature packed gas grill based on the successful Holland Grill Liberty gas grill. ..

Holland Grills Independence - BH421SS6-PThe Holland Grills Independence is one of there sturdiest grills & is built to last. This outdoor grill in made in the USA & has the Holland Grills “No Flare Up Guarantee” for worry free grilling. ..

Holland Grills Liberty Grill - BH421AG9-P The newest member of The Holland Grill Family-The Liberty is built solid and sturdy and with the same great cooking performance as all of the Holland Grills. Built on four steel legs, The Liberty is one of the Holland Grills sturdiest grills yet. Featurin..

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